Our services

We believe and we know that there are no two businesses alike. We know that we have similar needs. We will work closely with you to understand your business. This will allow us to identify potential problems and opportunities that will help us advise and help each company to conduct their business, to maximize profit, to optimize taxes. Here are some reasons why we strongly believe you should choose us.

Relationships built on trust.
From the very beginning of cooperation with our customers we make every effort to build a warm and friendly atmosphere. We listen to our customers and speak simple and clear language. We always stand by our customers and their needs.

Excellent client care.
We think and actively participate in the process of building your business; we take care of finances by analyzing your performance each month or quarter in terms of sales and expenditures. One of the keys to success is properly run books of account. You will always make good decisions acting proactively with us.

Each customer, regardless whether big or small, can count on individual approach on our part. You will be assigned a partner, who will assist you on regular terms.

We repair.
We are willing to for work companies who are victims of incompetent accountants or bookkeepers. We repair the damage. We represent you in tax offices, we put in order your finances.

Timely completion and delivery of work.
We will always complete work on time to avoid penalties and interests.

We have specialists available in a wide range of accounting and tax services. Our partners are law firms specializing in economic and business law as well as auditors and tax advisors.

Proactive advice.
With great care we follow changes in legal and tax regulations. If we can make a change or improve finances of your business, we do not wait until we are asked to do so - we work together with you and take appropriate steps immediately..

Financial Advice.
If you are interested in obtaining a loan or a credit on very good terms, we will advise and assist you in getting the best financing for your business, as well as for your individual needs, such as buying an apartament or a cars. We will negotiate the best credit terms for you with the leading banks in the market.

Special offers for professionals. (doctors, lawyers, accountants) The advice is free as an introductory offer. The final decision is always yours.

Tailored services at fair prices.
We recognise that every business is unique and that every customer has individual requirements. We will work with you to understand your business and help you achieve your business goals.

We offer a choice of fee arrangements and payment plans, according to what is most suitable to your company. Fees depend on the involvement of time and degree of complexity that your business requires.

Do not hesitate Contact us. Tell us about your business or let us arrange a casual meeting over a cup of coffee or tea to discuss your accountancy needs.